Good things do happen to us

Since the past few months, us Karachites have been taken over by gloom. With the endless target killings, then the passing away of icons like Moin Akhter and the attack on PNS Mehran, its just been one sad thing followed by another. If I try to rack my brains and think of one good thing […]

Moving Bounderies

I am surrounded by people who are making plans to make a move, people who are setting up meetings with immigration lawyers, people who endlessly are searching for jobs anywhere across the pakistani boundary. I hate to admit it, but I am also involved in such acts. I inquire from these people about the lawyers immigration […]

Mothers day confession

Since 30 plus years I have been following the norm of celebrating the mothers day. Initially, it was celebrated because the school made it a point for us to make cards for the moms in the art period. After school, mothers day was celebrated because really, the other of the 364 days I was too […]