Moving Bounderies

I am surrounded by people who are making plans to make a move, people who are setting up meetings with immigration lawyers, people who endlessly are searching for jobs anywhere across the pakistani boundary. I hate to admit it, but I am also involved in such acts. I inquire from these people about the lawyers immigration fees, I ask about the job market abroad and I mentally keep on making plans about where I would like to settle.

Dont get me wrong. I love this country. How can I not? I grew up here. But now at times, when I am watching news with family at night my heart skips a beat and my mind questions me if this is where I want to bring up my child? Obviously, I need to be throughly convinced about making a move before I start working on it. But someone needs to promise me that my moving away will make things all right….that I will never ever feel guilty for leaving all that I will leave behind….that making a move is THE only wise option left now…..that my child will still grow up loving this land like I do.

I get depressed every time situation gets bad. I get even more depressed thinking that I am not doing anything about it. And the depression hits the height when I start looking for moving out options.

Allah Main, please make things better for us, here. Afterall, if we do move there is so much that wont be able to go with us. Life would always be kindoff incomplete!

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