Good things do happen to us

Since the past few months, us Karachites have been taken over by gloom. With the endless target killings, then the passing away of icons like Moin Akhter and the attack on PNS Mehran, its just been one sad thing followed by another.

If I try to rack my brains and think of one good thing that happened in the lastest past, it has to be the opening of the 3d cinema. Obviously, good things happen on a daily basis too, but they are more personal and maybe more day specific.

However, yesterday after hearing about it endlessly, I did end up going to Port Grand. And must I say that it is the best thing to have happened to my first love, Karachi in some time.

I dont think my words will do justice to describe that place, but it transported me back to Pier 39 and reminded me of my love for it. The walk is beautifully serene, the landscape perfect mixture of romance and modern life and the smells are very Karachi. It was the kind of place where I wouldnt mind going and spending my evenings. A place where I will take all my friends and relatives who plan to visit Karachi, and a place where I want to sit and read books to Zoey. (When I am not in the mood to click).

However, a lot also depends on how much this place is maintained. If taken good care, I can vouch that this place will go down in the guide books for Karachi, it will hold the same value that pier 39 does and it will allow people to come and fall in love again with what used to be the city of lights sometime ago!

Visit it if you are in town. Afterall, its always good to refresh that feeling of love!

2 thoughts on “Good things do happen to us

  1. Atlastttt but as you said, it depends how they’ll do its maintenance as here in Pakistan, none just bothers to do maintenance after 2-3 yrs and it includes us also that we don’t throw trash in trash-bins and other little things. Lets see how things will turn out! =)

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