A favorite question

While growing up, I was convinced that my younger sister was my moms favorite. The youngest sister also thought the same. I really don’t know if it is true or not. But back in that time it made it easier to understand all the screamings and shouting that I got from my mom. Life went […]

One to one convo

Zoey has been the center of our universe for 4 long years. Being the first born grand child in nanihaal and the only grandchild in Karachi in dadihaal, it would be wrong to say that she’s not spoilt. But thankfully, she’s not a brat. When I found out about the arrival of Noor, along with […]

24 days later…

….I feel blessed. In theses past 24 days, I have heard from people I have been out of touch with. I have met people who I last met when Zoey was born and I have gotten messages from people who made me think. Since the time I can think of, I had always wanted to […]

Life changes

Life’s good Alhumdulillah. Since the past 2 days I have just been eating, lying in a hospital bed, watching Indian songs and entertaining guests. It was today that the reality hit me. And that too because of a text message, asking “bachay kaisay hain”. For two seconds I was wondering about bachay….and then I remembered […]