Today is what we have

One year ago, today, the tragedy struck. I can’t imagine what this one year must have been for the people who lost their loved ones. Today, let’s take a moment and pray for the families who went through the calamity. Let’s hug our kids harder, cuddle more and spend some time tickling. Life is too […]

When the going gets tough

I think I have understood why Allah puts us through testing times. It’s so we are reminded of the people who truly and genuinely care for us and are standing right there when we need them. It’s a time to detoxify and hang on to those people who really matter and make a difference. Nothing […]

How to ask thee?

I have been missing in action. Mentally and physically. And the only excuse I have is, that spiritually, I have been in a learning mode. It’s interesting. I have been having discussions about life and its meaning, I have surprisingly come across websites that make me question more and I have unintentionally met people who […]