How to ask thee?

I have been missing in action. Mentally and physically. And the only excuse I have is, that spiritually, I have been in a learning mode. It’s interesting. I have been having discussions about life and its meaning, I have surprisingly come across websites that make me question more and I have unintentionally met people who have inspired me and made me look for deeper meanings. Its a learning phase. One which consumes me and I oblige.

On the flip side, life has been totally in the fast lane. For reasons beyond my control. I love the smell of winters in Karachi, but I loathe the flu and viruses that come before the winter has totally set in. Kids have been unwell, I have been sneezing endlessly, my sanity has been checked and patience, questioned. Hopefully, this is all behind me now.

While, I am wrapped in my shawl, wearing my happy socks, the question that has been echoing in my mind endlessly, for weeks now,  is do we ask God for what we need? Or do we ask God to give us what is best for us?  I have been debating about this. Talking about this. and researching about this. I haven’t yet heard an answer that that made me smile comfortably. If you are reading this, I would love to know your perspective. Maybe, I will find and answer that makes me content.


2 thoughts on “How to ask thee?

  1. ‘Do we ask God what we need’ , yes we ask Allah for all that we want n need, just like our kids give us a long list of things they need.. But we only get them what’s best n more beneficial for them…. ‘Do we ask God to give us what’s best for us?’ Whether we ask Him or not, He gives us what’s best for us… Thing is we start seeing ‘the best’ as our faith gets stronger… 🌹

  2. I feel I ask God for what I need secretly hoping that it also just what is best for me. I think somewhere we are selfish like that; we have faith that God will ultimately come through for us and do whatever is best but we still want it to be on our terms. And so we hope that if we ask him for what we want he will make that thing the best also. And I think that is okay.

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