We are going to be celebrating our first birthday soon, inshallah. Time flies when you are having fun, they say. And I couldnt agree any less. The past year has been full of experimenting, investing money, getting to know new people, learning and some more. Our studio, though small is gaining popularity. People who see […]

Whose the smartest of them all?

So, suddenly bed time now has a whole new meaning to it. Its “our” time of half an hour to forty five minutes of cuddles, tickles, books and other randomings.  It is after this that another 15 minutes of goodnight kishtoos happen and finally the lights go out. Obviously, there are days when mama goes […]

Choosing my battles

Since before Zoey was born, I got to hear about the terrible twos from friends who had kids. I used to sometimes wonder how really terrible could it get? Now slowly I am getting my questions answered. Zoey, if I may say so myself is not a batameez kid. She has her moments, true, but […]

Laidback me!

I have a deadline to hand over a completely designed brochure to a client tomorrow morning. I haven’t even started yet. I don’t know what I am doing here when I should be working and hyperventilating. But obviously I am not! ~lifes good….alhumdulillah~