Whose the smartest of them all?

So, suddenly bed time now has a whole new meaning to it. Its “our” time of half an hour to forty five minutes of cuddles, tickles, books and other randomings.  It is after this that another 15 minutes of goodnight kishtoos happen and finally the lights go out. Obviously, there are days when mama goes off to lala land before her highness does. If goodnight routine has happened, kishtoos and hugs exchanged, its green light for me to mentally switch off. Afterall, Zoey is in bed with us. There is nothing that she can do except sleep.

One such day, after the fun time, the lights were switched off and I dozzed off before I could put my head on to the pillow. I remember the room being silent, so I was at ease that Zoey was also on the way to sleep. After minutes, or hours or God knows how long I woke up to a room filtered with light.

And Oh what do I see? A 18 month old, holding the blind from a corner so she can look out of the window into the tv room and on to the tv that is being watched by dada and dadi. I was so amusingly shocked, I didnt know what to do except march out of the room to pull down the blinds of the tv room. And in our room, there were only giggles heard coming from Little miss smartest of them all.

Thank you Allah Mian for the bundle of naughtiness!

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