We are going to be celebrating our first birthday soon, inshallah. Time flies when you are having fun, they say. And I couldnt agree any less. The past year has been full of experimenting, investing money, getting to know new people, learning and some more. Our studio, though small is gaining popularity. People who see our work, usually end up liking it, Alhumdulillah. One particular comment from a senior photographer recently made my month. After seeing our work he wrote, “I like you work. Technically I think there is still more learning to do. You know studio lights and flash and stuff. But what I love about your photography is that you manage to capture the moment. Your photographs are full of energy.” Woah! Isnt that what photography is supposed to do? Capture the moment and the energy? so it can be relived over and over again? Thank you for keeping us at Photographics so busy. We love capturing your precious moments so they can be cherished forever!

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