Choosing my battles

Since before Zoey was born, I got to hear about the terrible twos from friends who had kids. I used to sometimes wonder how really terrible could it get? Now slowly I am getting my questions answered. Zoey, if I may say so myself is not a batameez kid. She has her moments, true, but come on, don’t we all? On the whole, at 19 months she is a little personality. She knows how to manipulate and get her work done. I am at a stage where now I have to choose my battles. Like, yesterday, Zoey somehow found her swimsuit (which I had hidden) and wanted to wear it for dinner. No amount of explaining and distracting helped. The result: We had a happy child in a swim suit who at least wanted to sit and have dinner. After dinner though, getting her out of the swimsuit and into night suit requires another post! Laters!


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