Pierced ears

So, took the little one to get her ears piereced yesterday. I cried. She howled. I cried some more. The shopkeeper had a grand time. In all the years that hes been piercing ears, hes never seen a mother cry. I cried some more. For myself. Doubting about what kindoff a mother am I! Advertisements

Know thy neighbor

One day, waiting for zoey outside school, the following conversation happened with another lady who was also waiting for her neighbor. Lady: you look familiar. Me: a lot of people say that….I wonder why! Lady: do you have another child in bay view? Me: no. I am not a bay view mom Lady: I thought […]

Designers child

Me: Zoey, jaan come. You need to have your ponston. Zoey: I dont want this ponston. Me: What do you mean this ponston? You have always had this ponston. Zoey: No. This one I dont like. Me, getting frustrated: But this is the same one you have been having since always Zoey. Zoey: Mama, its […]

Sutta conversations

Zoey: Mama, do girls do sutta? Me: yes jaan. some girls do sutta. Zoey: which some girls do it? Me: I dont really know. Zoey: No, I mean you know of girls of who do sutta? Me: hmmm…..no not really. Zoey: Then how do you know girls do sutta? Me: I just know na jaani. […]

The princess tales

Me: Zoey, you want to go for a walk around the block? Zoey: yes, lets go mama. Me: you cant go in your chappals. Run up and get your socks and I can help you wear your running shoes. Zoey, shrugging her shoulders: Mama, you always make me work so much. Am I ┬áCinderella and […]