Sing a song

Since the school has started, everyday at home we hear something new. Starting from Jeevay Pakistan, to Dil dil Pakistan to I have a body, its been quite entertaining to say the least.

Yesterday Zoey was busy humming when out of curiosity I asked….

Me: Zoey, jaani what are you singing?

Zoey: Its a song “H” sings in class mama.

Me: Sing it louder jaani. I also want to hear it.

Zoey starts singing in a shrilling voice:

“I have a butto….and it does putt putt all the time….I have a butto, a very busy butto. A putt putt doing butto.

Zoey is singing and dancing to the tune, while I am rolling on the floor laughing instead of telling her what a silly song this is.


One thought on “Sing a song

  1. This was HILARIOUS:P
    I remember this one time when my 4 year old daugher who was in kidhergarten at the time came home and was singing what seemed like an Indian song. Now mind you I don’t ever watch Indian movies in front of her and hardly ever listen to movie songs in front of her. Anyway I asked her to sing it loud to me so I could enjoy it, and guess which one song it turned out to be. MY NAME IS SHEILA, SHEILA KEE JAWANI….lol I also had quite a good laugh that day. Although this is definitely not a song one would want their 4 year old daughter to go around singing and I am so glad she has forgotten it since then:P

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