The divorce Factor

In the recent times, I have heard quite a few stories of how there have been divorces happening, once the couple has a child or maybe two. What is it that men realise after the child’s birth, that leads to this decision?

Someone I know of went throught this recently. She came to Karachi (from UK) to deliver the second baby boy. Soon behind her followed the divorce papers…without the father even wanting to know who the baby looked like. After some pondering and battling, left with no choice, she resigned to fate. Now, recently, the father has demanded the custody of the kids.

The parentless woman in me jumped out and shrieked, that she should dump the kids with the ex and go around touring the world or whatever she wants to do. Afterall, the kids are not only her responsibility. And if they are supposed to be brought up by a single parent then might as well, let it be the dad…why not?

The selfish woman in me jumped out and shrieked that just because he wants the kids….she shouldnt give him the custordy….afterall, who can bring up the kids better than a mother?

The family woman in me felt bad for the kids either way… the whole course of the divorce, it would be the kids who would end up suffering the most…..

But deep down inside (though my family very vocally disagreed), I still feel that if the dad wants the kids, he should have them…..for once maybe the mother will get to live the life she wants….

2 thoughts on “The divorce Factor

  1. for most paki dads, i think its a good idea for the mom to give up custody because only then do they learn that parenthood is not as easy as they make it sound to be. on the flip side, ive seen mums who’ve given up custody only find out that their kids have been throoguhly brainwashed against them.

    as a mum, giving up my kids is a TOUGH thought, even to my husband -the person whom i love the most in this world. i can’t imagine what ti must be like at a time when a woman hates him the most!! 😦

  2. the male-basher-anti-man woman in me will simply drag him to court and demand for child support

    the irrarional vengeful woman in me will simply tell him “be my guest! have a good life changing diapers and schooling them!”

    i guess the only right way to this is joint custody…with the parents’ sanity in close check. no doubt its always the children who suffer in the end. but since the husband behave that way….he shudnt be given the right claim them!

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