The designer isnt dead

Becoming a mommy suddenly has kept me so busy, I forgot about being a wife, being a friend and being a designer for a bit…obviously not literally, but my entire 24 hours now revolve around this yummy little being who somehow or the other manages to keep my attention to herself.

I was dead sure, the designer inside was dead…till this morning….when I was going through The Dawn newspaper and I saw this adv for KESC and the designer inside me started jumping with joy! The adv, no doubt was very intrestingly designed, but what was more exciting was the fact that a client like KESC descided to go ahead with an adv that is so not kesc.

I wish I could put up the adv here…maybe in a short while, but for people who are curious to know what I am talking about the adv is printed in Main Dawn, page 4.

Heres three cheers for meyums friend for designing a nice adv and for ogilvy for managing to sell the adv to the client!


4 thoughts on “The designer isnt dead

  1. ive seen the ad. saw it a bit before it was printed, and theres more to come.
    all good ones too.
    the power of goras.
    the CD is a gora.
    we desis cant say no when a gora presents something like that…koi pakistani bechara present karta toh thoree convincing ziada lagtee.

  2. the type one na? all their ads show an advanced sense of design i feel. much more than expected..but now the expectations from them will also go up. i hope they are prepared to deliver.

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