The pending ghutki factor

Ghutki, is a common trend that is followed in our family. For people out there who dont know what that means, ghutki is the art of making a new born taste honey. Knowing well that doctors these days dont approve of anything other than a mother nursing her child, a slight taste of honey wont be of harm. Afterall, honey is supposed to be shifa.

Also, it is believed that the child will have similar traits to the person whoever gives the ghutki. Because Zoey was in the incubator initially and then weaker than usual new borns, the ghutki act is still pending. Till yesterday when someone mentioned its high time shes given a taste of honey. Now that is when my panic started. Not because I didnt know how she would react to honey but because Iwasnt sure who should be given the honor of being the ghutki giver. I mean I love a lot of ladies, but I am not too sure if I want Zoey to grow up to be like them (God alone knows how true it is about the baby having the traits of the ghutki giver, but obviously because its my baby we are now talking about, I am superstitious and overly cautious).

So, people around think that its should be either of the grandmothers, I am not too sure. I mean I love both the mothers, obviously and they are extremly nice people, but thats the whole problem, they are toooooooo nice. Then there is another family member, who no one is fond of, but she always gets what she wants and is quite blunt and rude. Again not someone ideal. So, since yesterday I have been thinking and thinking, just in vain. There is this one friend of hubbys who both me and hubby and very very fond of. Ideal ghutki giver type. But shes 35 and still happily single. Not a problem, for me atleast. But if either of zoeys grandmothers find out, I am sure they are not going to be too happy…..

Then I concluded, maybe i should be the one to give zoey a taste of honey…..but I wont do it till I am sure about it. Till then the ghutki is pending and there are quite a few candidates awaiting and hoping to get the honor!


5 thoughts on “The pending ghutki factor

  1. how interesting! we have this honey ritual in my famiily too– but i had no idea about it being called “ghutki” and the ghutki giver traits being passed on. makes me think who made me lick honey off their finger! haha– i am about to find out the person that my family can blame for the way i turned out for the rest of my and her life :p

  2. oh yes we have this too, and i still have the excuse that we are away from loved ones to make a decision…considering we are living in the times of manufactured democracy run a poll amongst friends and family and rig it.

  3. oh how interesting- 🙂 this will make a great post to read in about 15-18 yrs when we are beginning to see zoey inshallah come into her own as an adult haina? 🙂

    i never realized there was this much thought involved- but then i come from a line of tradition breakers not supporters and i doubt my mom realy cared who gave me honey- similarly i didnt really think about it at all- i dont even know who it was- hmmm. but i love the post and the tradition seems lovely too. and post a pic of when it happens!

  4. what a great explanation, i didn’t even know there was a name for it! my grandfather’s family did it to all of the kids from Kashmir but obviously, in the US it is such a huge no-no. The drs strongly cautioned against honey until at least 1 year of age b/c of severe allergic reactions in small children so i chickened out! 🙂

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