about 40 days post delivery

And I thought bed rest was bad….when I found out that Zoey was going to be delivered 2 months prior to her time, I was worried sick, apprehensive and more than anything concerned. My gynae, who I absolutely love told me….”Kanwal, believe me having the baby is going to better than the condition you are in right now”. She was right to a certain extent. Or so I thought. Till I came home with the lil one.

Hailing from a punjabi family dominated by women, I had no idea what the next 34 days held for me. I wasnt allowed to go out under the sky unDer normal circumstances….only to go to the doctor am I allowed to step out. (Which means I cant go out wih my hubby and this terribly upsets me)…i am supposed to eat panjiri (a mixture of certain nuts and all) which I am not too fond off….I cant watch too much tele or read, because my eyesight can go weak. No getting my eyebrows made for me (the eye area is extremly sensitive, or so I am told). I cant have cold water or any other cold stuff for that matter (its makes the bones go weak)….Sleeveless is a complete no no (a major thing to do with nazar and the bones getting access to the air), though the april wind is hot enough to make anyone want to run naked. Oh and I cant wash my hair everyday either…….i dont know what the concept behind this is…..

As much as i dont necessairly believe in any of the above things, i have almost followed all of it. Just for the simple reason that I dont have the energy to fight or make all the women understand my point. The positive thing is that inshallah the 40 days end soon and this too shall end!


8 thoughts on “about 40 days post delivery

  1. hmm- i agree with aneela- we would like doing the same things only if they arent imposed upon us- so might as well stop fighting it and enjoy?
    am curious though- do you think you would expect the same from zoey one day? or will you break the cycle and let her be?

  2. re: breaking the cycle…I have asked myself the same question when it comes to the “purity /pollution” question…though I debate endlessly about the menstruation taboos , I do take a break from the prayers..but I did promise myself that any daughters that I raise will have a choice. There are times when I wonder whether the good Lord just wanted us to take a break..however there are families where it is treated more like a “pollution” than a time when you should take it easy.
    It is the same when it comes to the 40 days seclusion…I am sure I would have loved being pampered (would have fought against the ban on reading, watching TV…aadmi phir bistar may baithay hee kiyoo? Im assuming that there is a blanket ban on project procreation as well?!!) …my family had not protested so much about my walking about, working around the house and picking up after the husband but some of them were scandalised when I went to uni on the 40th day. I told them that if I was someone was doing jharoo pocha in their house they would have thought I was such a diligent worker (if not expecting me to have turned up earlier).

  3. hmm….Sara, I am surprising myself continously where Zoey is concerned. Its too soon to think what I would expect. Also, I really dont mind the 40 day regime, but there are times when I do want to step out for some fresh air….isnt it important to feel refreshed? I guess with Zoey I would want her to take time off and enjoy….rather than feel imprisoned!

  4. i have been reading all your post zoey blogs and i love them but i feel very speechless as to what to say…
    i wish you didnt have to follow 40 days..and you know why im saying this:)

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