On losing weight

One good thing that came out of this pregnancy apart from Noor, was the fact that I didn’t gain much weight. Thanks is due to the doctor, who kept a vigilant eye on me because of my medical issues….

So, post delivery, on my first check up I was only 5 kgs above the pre pregnancy weight. I wanted to dance and clap in the doctors clinic. At Zoeys time, it took me a good year and half to come back to where I started from. This time around, second week post delivery I was already dreaming about getting back into my non pregnancy jeans.

But of course, this all was too good to be true. With all the panjeeris and the desi ghee foods that I was fed, instead of losing more weight, I was getting snug even in my pregnancy jeans.

And when you are desperate, you are willing to try anything. Because, I was recovering from a c section, I couldnt exercise too much. And it was at this time when someone mentioned about a maalish wali. This female, from what I was told, massaged the body in a manner where one starts losing all the fat. I know, logically this does not make sense, but I did mention that I was desperate to lose weight, didn’t I?

So, without thinking twice, excitedly, I called the lady in for a massage. I couldn’t wait for it. I desperately needed some relaxing and time off, with the added benefit of losing weight…

Let me tell you what happened next is something that I couldn’t even think of in my dreams….this lady massaged me in a manner where all my bones felt like they were being crushed, my joints were dismantled and my muscles melted. Fat, I think seeing all this just decided to leave the body out of fright…and come back later when all this was done.

At the end of the one hour, post massage, I felt like a tractor drove over me….actually that is what happened.

As I type, two tylenols and a cup of tea later, I think I will just stick to controlling my diet and eventually going back to my old friend, the gym when my body permits.

I remember, someone once told me, losing weight and making money, both are very tough. I want to go and hug them and tell them, you are damn right.

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