Jawani deewani ki kahani

Zoey and cinemas have a history. Everytime we have taken her to watch a movie, she dozzes off before the movie starts. At times, its worked out great. When we have babysitting issues, we just get an extra ticket and go enjoy the movie.

At other times, its been frustrating. All the animated movies that I wanted her to enjoy, she enjoyed them her way, by snuggling and sleeping. We have wasted quite a few cinema tickets that way.

This summer, I must say, there was a brigade of fun movies coming out. Movies that I wanted to catch the first show of. Fast and the furious 6 and yeh jawani hai deewani to name a few. Fast and the furious was coming out the same day Noor was expected. I tried to convince my doctor to delay the c setion by a day, but I dont understand why she didnt hear of it.

But oh well, I didnt catch the first show but I did see the movie before it came off. With Yeh jawani hai deewani, something or the other kept on happening. Either I had babysitting issues, or the timings were ridiculous. But I HAD to watch the movie on the big screen before it came of.

So, the last chance that I got, I grabbed it. we got ticket for Zoey also, because she wanted to come along. Of course, she was sleep away the movie…..but I was proved wrong.

As we entered the cinema, the first itemsong was blaring.  Quickly getting comfortable, I made Zoey snuggle in my lap, knowing she would dozz off any second. 

But surprisingly, Zoey remained awake and alert all through the movie. Enjoying the songs and my comments. Deep down inside, I felt bad that I was exposing her to such stuff, but it was too late.

So, yesterday, while I was busy and Noor was crying, I told Zoey to talk to Noor and soothe her.  When I got to the room, Zoey was sitting on the bed next to Noor and singing Batameez dil. My heart sank. I told Zoey not to sing songs but to sing nursery rhymes, or better still just talk to her. To which Zoey replied, “Mama, I cant sing her nursery rhymes, shes too small to understand english”.

Ps: Note to self, no matter how desperate, no more Indian movies with kids!


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