The Kat had a Kitten

18th March, 2009…we had an unexpected early guest in our family of two…..Not knowing what to expect this early arrival, both the kat and kitten are trying to get used to each other.


There is LOTS more to blog about…..later!

For everyone who reads this please remember us in prayers….

11 thoughts on “The Kat had a Kitten

  1. mubarak mubarak…ive been pestering sara for all your news and kit kat’s khair khairiat…well im sure your kit kat wanted to make sure if iftikhar chaudhry makes it to the office or not. all my prayers and more. your daughter has a determined expression, best of luck with her!! oh what fun, we can drive sara crazy with baby questions now.

  2. aneela my dear if watching baby einstein on repeat in the day cant drive me crazy then you and kat are small time contenders for it. HA. i have super powers you know- they are called switching OFF my brain hhehehe,.

    kat- when are we coming over for the gossip session?

  3. cutie!! Such tiny fingers…i swear it’ll feel like you blinked and she’ll be walking! 🙂 Lots of duas and sleeping karma for the little one and mama!

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