Connected in quite a few ways

Being an avid reader, when Liberty Books opened its doors in Karachi, I was sure that books wise this city of Quaid was sorted. Obviously, itwaar bazaar was also a heaven but back in those days driving all the way from PECHS in this sweltering heat it wasnt too yummy an option.

It was cinemas then that needed to be sorted. And with the cineplex opening on seaview, all our prayers were heard. And then came Atrium cinemas and life just got better.

Karachisnob (whoever is the genius behind it) became a Saviour when things started to look monotonous in what used to once be the city of lights.

And then a few days back I discovered!

Now I think foodwise too we are all sorted ( I know we Pakistani’s were always food wise sorted, but still, it just got better) . Not only is this a great idea, but the yummilicious design is what caught my fancy.

I usually dont come across websites that are so pleasantly designed (atleast for our local companies, illustration is a big no no, only pretending to be size zero models are allowed to to make a visual impact). So, this website took the route less travelled and won my heart. Am now waiting patiently to see what thee launch ate brings.

Ps: I hope someone from the food connection is reading this and will see what a good free marketeer I am and offer me free food at all the places that will be listed. Yeah go ahead, call me a day dreamer!


2 thoughts on “Connected in quite a few ways

  1. they are looking for regular bloggers if youre interested. the girl working there is an IVS grad and a student from a few years ago. 🙂 want to write?

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