The grandparent joy

Since the time I can remember my biggest regret was that I wasnt born a boy. Complimenting this regret was the fact that I was the eldest in the set of siblings and cousins. It took me a good 28 years to understand that the set of regrets was so not right. And this lesson was given to me by my two year old toddler.

Zoey came into this world to be welcomed by a big big family, mashallah who sat totally punjabi styled in the dunkin donuts that was housed inside the hospital. Obviously, this information was given to me later on by the staff who were probably horrified by the loud punjabis who had taken over the entire restaurant. It was in this crowd that a  set of great grandparents were seated, hoping and praying for everything to go well.

Being a mother is just amazing…being a grand mother I am sure is amazing-er….but I really wonder how it feels to be a great grand mother. You know great grand mother is like the grand finale of womanhood. I am sure the feeling must be something that words will not justify. It was great reassurance to me that Zoey was surrounded by her set of grand parents and also a pair of great grand parents, Alhumdulillah.

I was also born under similar circumstances, where I was surrounded by parents, grand parents and great grand parents. And oh boy, was I spoilt by them!   But obviously, while I was busy being spoilt it never crossed my mind that all of that was possible because of the elders being there. My sisters and younger cousins dint even get a chance to meet them.

I look at Zoey now and it makes me feel so happy to see her play with the grandparents. Someone who saw the group of three keeping themselves busy, advised me to quickly have as many children as I wanted so the grandparents could bring them up along with me.

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