Weird motherhood joys

Being a mother is not easy and when I say this I am not emphasizing the fact that motherhood brings sleepless nights, endless worry about the bank account and the never ending search for the right babysitter. Its beyond all this. And I learnt this in the second year of mommy hood.

Zoey, since she was 6 months old had constipation issues. But thankfully they were resolved by the desi tootkas and a teaspoon of the laxative. What I didn’t realize was that the constipation would come back with a vengeance….when she turned 22 months old. After a week of stomach infection and antibiotics zoey lost her appetite, which resulted in severe constipation. The kind where she would scream and cry and would go red in her face. There were moments where I was ready to cry with her, because nothing else was helping. I wanted to cry not because I could feel her pain or anything, but just because I felt helpless and seeing her in pain didn’t help.

All the graphic details apart, when she finally felt better, I was crazy happy. The kind of happy you feel when your child calls you mama for the first time or when you take your child out for a dinner and they act their best and put their best behavior forward. That happy. I could never even in my wildest dreams imagine that a dirty diaper would make me so happy…that I would pray to Allah to make  her constipation to go away along with the dua that may she get admission in Grammar School and that may she go to Stanford on scholarship (ameen) so we can spend the education fund money by going on a long cruise.

Now everytime, I change a dirty diaper, its time to thank god and then celebrate by eating some chocolate. Its an achievement on Zoeys part afterall, isnt it?


5 thoughts on “Weird motherhood joys

  1. omg!!! i thought i was the only yucky momma who would celebrate a dirty diaper like that!!! kindly pass on the desi totkas….much needed 🙂

  2. What really worked wonders for Zoey apart from laxatives and suppositories was a piece of fig left over in half a glass of water over night. In the morning I would give her that water. Worked wonders.

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