Long Live, my love

Since the 1st of August this year, there has been an air of festivity all around. Flags are being sold on the sidewalks, grocery shops are busy with people and roads are crowded with cars. I must say that this combo of Ramadaan and Independence day is a good one. People are in a festive mood and holidays are being looked forward to.

My newsfeed has been flooding with status updates about Pakistan and display pictures being changed from the pretty smiling faces to different images of the green flag. My daughter has been singing “Jeebay Pakistan” endlessly. Like I said everyone is celebrating in their own way.

Let me be honest here. I have a very husband and wife relationship with Pakistan. You know, the kind where one moment you are bursting with love and the next, you want a divorce., that kind. In the past few years, I have done a lot of thinking and also gotten in touch with the right people to find out about divorcing this land. In the process, I rarely came about anyone who would have advised me to keep working on this relationship and assuring me that eventually it will become better.

On the contrary, people who were not even asked to advice, kept on suggesting that a move needs to be made.

But somehow, for some odd reason, everytime I have done my homework, that lovey dovey feeling for this country envelopes me. I cant really pinpoint what it is. It could be family, it could be friends, it could be that comfort level or it could be the luxury of having the cook and the driver as a part of the family, it can be anything. But whatever it is, it surely is a strong feeling. Its strong enough to not let me take any action to make a move and start afresh.

Pakistan, I am not promising that I will never think about divorcing you again, but thanks for being a keeper and for making sure that so many people still love you unconditionally! Long Live my Love!



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