Walking down the memory lane

I love going through old stuff. Photographs, blogs, text messages, journal entries. Everything. And it was during this stumbling that I came across an old blog of mine which has made me realize how I am no longer the person I used to be. My priorities, my experiences, my lifestyle choices, all have made me into a person I might not necessarily like to be. But the good thing is that I can still go back to being who I was. Maybe, all I needed was this reminder – 25 randomings about me…

1~ Till before my shaadi, everynight I would open my cupboard, take out a piece of jewellery that would hold my fancy and wear it to bed.

2~ I really really aim to be a part of “The amazing Race” one day inshallah.

3~ I have saved all the sent and recieved sms’es from U man from the day I proposed till 4 months after the shaadi.

4~ I am a total tea person, though sometimes I wish the tea would smell like coffee.

5~ Since kindergarden my parents had to face the complain from my teachers that I was the most talkative student in class. In 6th grade as a punishment, my teachers made me sit next to this girl who was perpetually on mute mode. 2 weeks later her parents were called in by the teachers. The complain was that she was the second most talkative kid in class. Thats how I found my best friend.

6~ I can very very easily become friends with strangers.  Striking conversations with random faces is something that I actually enjoy.

7~ Before leaving for Hajj in 2006, I left a letter for my best friend with another friend, to be delievered if I died there. To date I have that letter saved and everyday I think if I should give the letter to my best friend or not.

8~ I talk to myself…in my head alot.

9~ I cant dance or cook to save my life. I started taking singing lessons back in college but the ustad politely threw me out saying I should just participate in cricket matches and shout slogans there.

10~ People find it hard to believe that I am a scorpio….maybe in a lot of terms I am not one. But even though I forgive I am not the one to forget.

11~ Give me a book and I can stay awake the entire night….switch on a movie and hear me snoring in the first 15 mins.

12~ I have watched DDLJ 127 times and I have cried with the same passion in the end all those times.

13~ I cannot wear heels. For the mere fact that I feel very tall. On my valima, I was shoelessly greeting people and by the end of the function I had lost my shoes.

14~ I am a very very very light sleeper. Change of pillows, change of beds, hubby turning sides, all mean that I am lying wide awake….I really hope and pray to god that My kids dont inherit this from me.

15~ I think Allah Mian planned  marriage in my life so I would know and realise the worth of my parents and siblings, I think I took them for granted before…

16~ Unlike the rest of my generation people  and the generation younger, i am not a late night person at all.

17~ I dream of owning a pent house overlooking the golden gate bridge one day, inshallah.

18~ I absolutely do not like ketchup…extra, by the side type.

19~ I dream of getting a book published one day, which will make me rich and famous.

20~ Flying gives me a high. Once I am over with my immediate responsibilities, I want to learn how to fly.

21~ No matter how much I like a book, I just cant read it twice.

22~ Investments plans, gold, dollars are not exactly my cup of tea. I still save up my money in the “matti ki gullak” or “boogie” as we call it in punjabi.

23~ As much as I used to be anti marriage, I think by far it is the best thing that could have happened to me, alhumdulillah.

24~ I love surprises……even if its just a hug.

25~ I love driving – yes even in a city like Karachi!



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