blue? or pink?

p1120497Initially, when we found out that I was pregnant, it was after quite a bit of convincing on my part that me and my hubby descided not to find out the sex of the baby.

But when I went for my mid way scan, when asked by the sonologist if we wanted to know the babys gender…my hubby jumped up to reply that he wanted to know but I didnt…which was not possible….if he knows, I should know too……

So we found out whether to go the pink way or the blue way, but we descided that it was something that we would just keep to ourselves. Afterall, its fun to see whos predicting what and to judge who is full of just how much shit! Its fun!

So, 2 days ago I got my second baby gift (the first being a babys rocking chair given by my surrogate mom, the chair being hers from when she was a baby). The second gift was a pair of blue booties from my gae old friend. I couldnt help asking her why  blue. Her answer was quite logical. she said, if its a girl she can afford to wear blue….but if its a boy pink might not look too boy-ey on him….

Hmm….well, if its a boy and has a taste like his dad, hes bound to like pink…if not love it!


4 thoughts on “blue? or pink?

  1. well in my case EVERYONE knew (except me)…I found out a couple of days ago as there was no mistaking in the scan….and well I wouldnt wish that nose on any girl!! but it was nice not knowing….
    best of luck with your secret. Isnt it fun? I hadnt shared the pregnancy news with ANYONE the first month (even kept the dad guessing) and it felt like a ‘ clandestine affair’…I just loved the feeling!! yup, im a wee bit mad.

  2. I don’t care , my son wears pink and my daughter(if I had one or will have one !) will definitely wear blue. Who decides that blue is for boys and pink is for girls ?

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