comfortably reassured

The moment the pregnancy stick showed two red lines (positive), I panicked. Though I could see it coming…I  wasnt sure if I was ready. One of my earliest panic attacks was that what if having a kid hindered the travel plans that I fantasized about. Though “U” kept on reassuring me that everything would work out fine, deep down inside I was still unconvinced…till I saw photographs of friends who took international trips with their young ones. Something within me changed. I felt reassured and at peace and more than anything, I started looking foward to when we would we able to take our first trip with our younger one. I have my fingers crossed and hope and pray that everything works out great, inshallah!


2 thoughts on “comfortably reassured

  1. hey congrats! just read about the impending addition to the family!

    everything will work out great inshallah 🙂 you seem to have that motherly streak in u :p (u exude it).

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