My life for me

This year has started on a very busy note…and I dont see life slowing down in the near future…Each of the things mentioned below need a seperate post, but for my own remembering I want to jot the pointers down here.

~ Zoey accompanied the entire khandaan to watch 3 idiots…her first cinema experience. As much as I thank Allah its less…she slept through the entire movie….thus mama could enjoy without any fuss whatsoever!

~ Attended a mehndi of a friends sister….almost everyone there was drinking. Upset me quite a bit…but found out thats what mehndis are for nowadays.

~ I start teaching from tomorrow inshallah. Visual graphics to the final year students at a local college. Deep inside I am scared.

~ A cousin is visiting from Amreeka after 9 long years….so much changed in that time, but thankfully enough our relationship is still the same…well almost!

~ Love has been questioned…conversations exchanged…and promises made.

~ Zoey had her first interview at 7 months of age…got her first admission done at 9 months of age and at 10 months she is still toothless and dosent crawl….what the hell was I thinking when I went for that interview?

~ Two of my concepts got evolved into Tvcs and are being aired internationally, a challenging chewing gum adv got published, I happily bring the baby to office with me, I work with my best buddy but still I feel something is amiss.

~ I miss reading and writing. My time management skills suck, thats why the only time I now get to read is sitting on the pot.

~ I got the bestest birthday gift last year. A DSLR……I was so moved, I actually started crying.

~ I did something I have been totally against off….I went to a dietician! But I swear it was one of the best things I have ever done for myself! I feel great and hopefully look better too!

~ Someone I know off passed away. Committed suicide. Ā Not the first case I got to know off. But since I became a mother, this was the the first one. Something inside me was moved, depressed, angry and upset. I just couldnt bring myself to think what the parents must be going through. May god give them strength and may god give “A” peace. Ameen.

~ Ā I feel like I believe in a God more now. Since December 08, I needed some force to cling to, and I think I found that force In God.

~ Me and hubby have plans for this year… altering maybe….lets hope everything happens for the best inshallah.

~ Oh…in the end, did I mention that its going to be one year to zoeyness soon inshallah and that planning a first birthday can be much much much tougher than planning your own shaadi?

Prayers and hopes for this year to be better thn the past years, inshallah!


3 thoughts on “My life for me

  1. What a wonderful positive post!A lot of the pointers seemed a lot like what I think or feel…especially the mehndi part…i remember when i got married getting bombarded by questions from people if they could get their own drinks at my Nikah which i gave a resounding NO!
    its weird isnt it..lines have gotten so blurred…you sort of start questioning so many thing or at times values you were raised with…it really amazes me at times…maybe one day i will no longer be upset or amazed..just be apathetic..that will not be so good though

    Ditto for the dietician part…they are AMAZING!get a personal trainer if you get the chance…that combined with a dietician will do wonders..i speak from personal experience…but GOOD LUCK for really will do you wonders!the positivity is bouncing of this entry!

  2. i love the post – how personally inspiring! and zoey is almost one – time flies doesn’t it? my z is turning 2 in march and i don’t know where the years went by! the 1-2 stage is so much fun šŸ™‚ how exciting!
    i still can’t believe you take your z to work – lucky you šŸ™‚ happy new year to you and yours šŸ™‚ hope its full of smiles and dreams coming true

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