good mothers and bad mother

Decembers always call for a lot of socialising. Weddings, friends visiting from abroad, Coffee sessions or no reason at all. This December has not been much different, except that all the couples now are plus one. So all socialing turns into a big playdate. Coversations revolve around babies milestones and the diaper and formulae prices and how the hubbies are proving to be a good or a bad dad.

Yesterday night at a dinner, we descided to leave our baby home. For no other reason, but for the fact that it was her sleep time and she likes being in her comfortable surroundings. Also, as selfish as it may sound, I needed “mytime” for yesterday. (Zoey and I usually spend the day together swinging btw home and office). So, at the dinner one of the moms asked me if I was missing my baby considering all the other babies were there. I didnt hesitate in replying in negative with a big smile.

At that instance I am sure all the the mothers judged me to be such a bad mother, but anyways.

Another mommy, who hasnt met Zoey asked me to show her a picture of her on my phone. Now as lousy as it may sound, I really dont have a recent picture of Zoey in my phone.

Second instance where I proved to be a bad mother!

Till late at night I kept on thinking about the questiones asked. I shouldnt be judged as a bad mother if I dont take my baby to dinners with me. Neither should I be judged as a bad mother if I dont have my babys picture on the phone. Right, or not?


6 thoughts on “good mothers and bad mother

  1. R-I-G-H-T!!
    you’re infact a good mother who didn’t take your baby with you to the dinner and let her sleep peacefully without being waken up by the noise and cry of other babys or the noise made of adults who when get together get very excited and talk quite loud :).

    so, don’t worry.. you aint a bad mother, enjoy your motherhood and never feel guilty when you know what you did was for the best of your baby or atleast you thought it was for her best šŸ™‚

  2. my husband does not have a snap of me in his wallet…we have been together for 12 years Kat (itnee deyr may tau pension bhee shroo hojatee hai) and he is a good partner so it takes all kinds.
    yesterday at a wedding someone offered to hold arhaan, my husband wolfed down his food to give the lady a break, I went for seconds and thirds and you know I love my baby more than his father does!! so chill yara

  3. PAH! I took K to dinners when she was nursing, but now she is always home. Ainwee khuwar hotey hain and her bedtime is 7.30 anyway! But the really annoying thing is when people ask you “where’s the baby?”!!! Dude, its 10 p.m, all normal babies are in BED!

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