The client murdered the design

So, about two months ago I got a project to design an interior brochure for a client. After a long meeting, both, the client and I knew the kindoff direction we wanted to follow. So, amidst vacation plans, zoeys diaper changes, feed times, socialising and packing, I managed to meet my deadline and emailed the client two different approaches of the design.

It was on my blissful vacation that I got a text saying that none of the two options were something that she wanted……and everything would have to be redone. OK. But I wasnt too sure if I would be able to do this or not. Post vacation, everything was much much more busier. Zoey was growing up to be a hands full…..I had other projects that had to be done and more than anything I didnt have the energy to deal with this….afterall the idea of being a freelance designer is that I can pick and choose the projects I want to take up. So, I politely told the client that I didnt see the brochure being completed because I didnt have the time and therefore didnt want to commit.

3 weeks down the lane, I again got a text saying that we had to meet up because the brocchure had to be completed….Hello! Didint I just tell you I couldnt commit…..but the client hails from the green province of pakistan and therefore persistence comes naturally to them.

I texted back asking how huge were the changes….to which the exact reply was: No no just change selection of pics n text. From Sq u have t make it rectangle.

Now, honestly that didnt sound like too much work, and who dosent like money coming their way? So, I descided to meet her. Only to find out that I was in for a surprise.

She wanted the entire brochure to be redesigned….relayoutted….and retexted! And to top everything she exactly knew what she wanted….the effect for the pictures and stuff though I kept on telling her that it wont work…..but alas…..she wont listen.

So, I didnt commit to her, because honestly I dont think I will get the time to do this….and more tha anything, what she wants is not what a designer can do, but what a computer operator would happily execute for her….

Why cant we always find intelligent clients who dont treat you like computer operators?

opt 2


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