Happy Ramzaan

I may not be the most religious or spiritual person, but somehow I always look forward to ramzaan. Though over the years ramzaan has had a tendency to remind me that I am growing old, fast. I dont look forward to opening iftaar anywhere other than home and the idea of doing sehri somewhere out makes me all queasy. Believe me, this is not how I always was. But oh well, with time we evolve.

Whether its the fasting, or the thought that it would be easier to lose weight, maybe its the less working hours or the waking up groggy eyed middle of the night to fulfill caffeine needs, hmm…maybe its the satisfaction of being able to say Fajr on time or the thought of collecting eidi end of this month, maybe its inner peace…or maybe its the calm on the roads 2 minutes before the iftar time….
Cant really pinpoint what it is, but there is something very chaotically exciting about ramzaan, which year after year makes me look foward to it…..
Happy rozas everyone….may this ramzaan help us achieve whatever we are aiming for….Ameen.

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