Passport dreams

Everytime when I am travelling and going through the long and tedious process of applying for a visa, I vouch to look into getting a passport that will not require me to fill forms that are long and neverending. Hence, needless to say I love looking up into immigration options and different investment programs. So what if I dont have that kindoff of money, but that shouldnt stop me from dreaming and making plans. I have made endless trips to Lallanis, who are the legal people here to help with immigration. Only to come back more unsure just because there are actually quite a few options that can be looked into.

A few weeks ago Lallanis held a  cosy Hungarian musical evening for their clientele. Even though I have been there ennions of times, I was not invited as a guest but given the opportunity to cover the event. I had to say yes. Who knows maybe someone would give me another passport just because of my good looks, or better still because of my photography skills. No harm day dreaming, right? But day dreaming comes with a cost. I had to cover the event with almost zero light (read bad lighting) and too many people who were superbly camera conscious. Lets just say it was challenging. And I am still waiting for that surprise passport to come in mail one of these days…








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