Shooting people

I am always asked what I love most about my work. And I always reply, shooting people! Back in college, when I was learning the ropes and spending endless hours in the dark room, I had vouched that I will never ever do people photography. There are ample of other things to shoot and enjoy. But as we have all already discovered, life has a way of making you choke on your own words. I dont exactly remember how I started doing people photograhy, but I do remember how that first click made me high. Its been almost 5 years now that I have been doing photography and taking up projects that are challenging and make me realize how much I enjoy being behind the lens. I love, love, love shooting weddings and being a part of new beginnings. I love happy, smiley couples who want to get captured in fun conversations and moments. This wedding that I shot a few months ago, is one of my favorites. The couple was all fun loving, the family relaxed and most important of all, the event ended way before midnight!

DSC_9403 DSC_9415 DSC_9468 DSC_9790 DSC_9837


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