Sister story

After having loads and loads of money in the bank account, sisters are the second best thing that can happen to you.

Hailing from a family of three sisters, moi being the eldest, I can vouch that the drama never ends and there is not a single moment of dullness. I can say this with calmness after all these years, but back in the day I could murder them both and run away. There was nothing more frustrating than realizing that the conditioner is missing when you are halfway thru the shower or that they had used up the internet hours (this is back when we had to pay by the hour and could only pay for net access from 9 to 5). Basically, lets just say it was not easy to live under one roof. But we survived.

I think somewhere during this addictive survival, I realized that I wanted three girls too (it could also be the realization and panic of not knowing how to bring up a boy) and I started thinking of names and the cute things I would do with my daughters. But what I didnt realize was that eventually before accepting and being best friends, these sisters will be the tornadoes and the cyclones in each others lives. Since the past one and a half year I have sometimes silently and sometimes screamingly been a part of their love and hate. Noor, the younger one wants to do exactly what Zoey does. Zoey, exactly wants to do the opposite of what noors says or does, because its not cool to follow youger sisters commandments. Noor wants to kiss the ground zoey walks on and steal her stuff somehow. Zoey dosent like having any shadows, or followers for that matter. I am dealing with two opposite personalities. Two people who are learning how to live together and love and share the people around them. Its not easy. Its not the fairytale I imagined. But I would not have it any other way. I want to tell them there will be bigger battles that will need to fought later on. Fights because one will be playing the music too blaringly, while the other will be trying to study. Fights because shampoos and straighteners will be missing from the bathroom and fights because one will not approve of the others friends. But I guess, they will learn with their own time. Like we three did. For the timebeing, I only have shorts moments of peace which are spent wishing and praying that these two will eventually be the best of friends for all times to come. Ameen.



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