How do I want to be remembered?

#week 4 #oprahblogchallenge

I saw this blog title on Jammie’s blog day before yesterday and since then I have been thinking about this question. I opened my blog to write about this quite a few times but nothing was conclusive enough to be shared. Till last evening. When my newsfeed started being flooded with the news of Dame Zaha Hadid passing away.

Zaha Hadid is a very familiar name for anyone who has anything to do with design.  A woman, who was an inspiration for millions, A feminist who believed in the power of other women, and a visionary who believed in changing the landscape of the metropolis, Hadid has some great architecture to her name.

And it was yesterday, that it hit home and I realized that’s how I wanted to be remembered, as an inspiration. Whether it is to my daughters, my friends, my co workers, my clients (who usually end up becoming friends) or people I just randomly exchange a smile with, I want to be remembered as an inspiration. As someone who makes them smile even when  they are long gone. Yes, thats exactly how I want to be remembered. Now I just need some sexy photographs of myself to be taken so they can be shared with my famous words once I am gone.


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