I very recently started fulltime work. With both the kids at school, my mornings are relatively free-er. So, after a lot of thought and pondering, what seemed like a good decision is to get back into the grind. The plus point this time around too,  is that the kids can be with me post school hours. Though we are not cuddling all the time or reading books after books, but its reassuring to know that they are around, busy doing their own thing. I like to look up and see them playing (rarely) or fighting (very often). But the feeling of knowing they are around is enough to make me work harder.

But this is my side of the story. Zoey might think otherwise. She loves coming to office, but I think she also misses us being at home, lounging and lazing. The fact that her room is easily accessible at all given times and she can pick and choose whatever book she wants is comforting for her. I don’t blame her. But I don’t agree the way she chooses to show her opinion. Understood that she’s only 6, well, almost 7, but shes still a child. She sometimes throws a tantrum. Will talk in a tone which is not acceptable or do something which irritates the life out of me. So, after alot of talking to myself and explaining that she’s still a child and will take time to adjust to a new situation, I have come to a point where I use my words. Sternly, softly and powerfully. Trying not to scold. But get my message across. Yesterday, after an exhausting morning and afternoon we came back home. Zoey was in a foul mood for whatever reason and asking for my attention by all the wrong means. Not wanting to loose my cool, I just sat her down and explained to her how I am upset and not liking her attitude. Closing the discussion telling her that I didnt want to talk to her till she sorted out her behavior. 20 mins later, I got a note from her. And we hugged and kissed. And decided how using our words is the best way to move forward. I must add, its a better day today Alhumdulillah.




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