Never say never

So, one of the reasons why I wanted to get married as soon as possible (which never happened), was that would mean end of studying for me. Somehow I was never inspired to to do my masters or a diploma or anything once I graduated. There really was no need either.

So, recently when a friend suggested I apply for the WomenX course, of course my first reaction was…NO! But her persistence left me with no choice but to click and explore the link that she had been repeatedly sending me. The more I read and researched, the more I wanted to apply. I think deep down inside, it was also an ego thing. Will I get selected? Will I push myself enough to do this? And more than anything will I be ok to spend  one day a week for the next four months away from my routine of playdates, swimming, birthday parties, lunch, nap, mummy house runs and aimlessly roaming about in mall. So, for me applying for this was more about testing myself than being excited that its a course funded by the world bank and conducted by IBA. Of course, it did matter in the bigger picture. So, one afternoon I applied. And my application got accepted. I cleared my interview and wow, I was in!

This is when I started palpitating. It asked for a change in my routine, which I was used to. I like the comfort of being in a routine. When I started telling people about the program and how I got accepted, people would get super duper excited for different reasons.

“I am so glad you are doing this…..really, high time you do something for yourself.”

“Four months? But why do you need to learn about entrepreneurship? Why are you doing this?”

“Bloody hell, thats wonderful!!!!! Yay! World bank and IBA is big shit woman, I hope you have an amazing time.”

“Lo, zindagi mein iss waqt waapis parhnay ki kya zaroorat hai? Maaza karo. Ghoomo Phiro.”

So, two saturdays ago, I went for the orientation with a very confused heart. I wanted to do this, but  I was scared. I sat in the last row, hoping to not look lost. And lost was the last thing I was. Being in a room with 70 women who are brimming with ideas and energy is tiring. But I must say, by the end of it, I left with renewed thoughts. I met women who struggled and now have it smooth. I met women who are struggling and want to make it smooth. I met women who are ready to struggle and make the change and i met women who want to believe in the power of themselves and move forward in life.

My course starts in 4 days. Now I am excited to get motivated. and meet and learn from other women who are also almost in the same boat. For four months I will not be a free-to-do-anyting-today mommy, but I have a feeling its going to be totally worth it!



2 thoughts on “Never say never

  1. One of the sweetest things i have read! you are truly a motivation and above all a HERO for your family! May you always get the best of life.

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