The Forty rules of love

When you get so caught up with life and routine, the things that bring you true pleasure start fading away. Reading for me has always been my sanctuary. But in the past few months, I haven’t read anything. I did pick up a few books, but none of them managed to absorb my mind and thoughts. Also, I think I wasnt giving reading the space that it needed in my life. Routine. Kids. Sporadic work. Too many things can be blamed. But finally yesterday I took out a book that was shouting to be read. It had been resting on my shelf since a while now. And I am glad I came to its rescue because since I started reading it, it has consumed my thoughts, my any free time and the space in my bag. Somehow I think the timing in life to read this book is just perfect. I have been spending a few nights at my moms. I love sitting by the window, looking out at the cloudy sky and the freshly bathed garden with my mug of hot tea resting by my side. I read a paragraph and then ponder. I keep on changing the character I am depending on who I can associate with.
Am almost halfway thru the book and very sad and pensive. I read slowly so it won’t finish and then I read like a breeze because I want to know who I want to be next. If you are a reader and haven’t read it already, read it. This is sure to make you think and wonder.



4 thoughts on “The Forty rules of love

  1. Remembered your book recommendation and picked it up during a stopover. Totally consumed me during my next flight and beyond – didn’t even miss the kids as much!

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