Plant a soul

Hubster and me, we both graduated together, same department. Since years we have been doing almost the same work for different people. Except, that since the past year he’s progressed into being a gardener, and me a momtographer (mom+photographer). We both love what we do, thankfully.

Since our baat pakki, one decision that we had unconsciously made was that we wont work together. Our work ethics are waaaay to different. Dont get me wrong. We are both professional about work, but our approaches are different. And so far its worked out great. But now, after two kids and exploring all design avenues, we are ready to announce our third baby 🙂

I am excited and I am scared, butterflies in my tummy scared. One day we were sitting and discussing about how people name stars after the people they love. I think its a good idea. But why cant we do something that’s long term? Something that is more material. Something that will create history and something that will reap benefits in the long run? We love spending money on our kids. Buying them toys. And investing in gold for their future. But something more was needed. And that’s when one fine, not so hot afternoon plantasoul was planted. It’s taken us months to sort out the details. To work out the dynamics. And to make sure that it finally happens. So, as the world tomorrow celebrates the Earth Day, we will Inshallah be launching our venture by planting our first tree.

So, if you have a child whose birth you need to celebrate, a new house you are shifting to, your grandparents 60th anniversary or just for someone’s sadqa a jaaria, contact us and we will help you plant a tree.

Planting a tree is Sadqa e Jaria. It is sawaab. There is a saying that even if you were to find out that the Day of Judgment is tomorrow, plant a tree today; It’s rewards, it is believed, ripple throughout eternity. So go ahead, plant a tree and celebrate! We look forward to hear from you!

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