True tales

One afternoon my cellphone rings and its a random number.

Me: Hello?

Girl: Hey. Is this Kanwal?

Me: Jee, that would be me.

Girl: My name is Ayesha. I saw your work on your website and I love your work. Its my baat paaki on nest Wednesday, I was wondering if you could share your packages.

Me: Sure. Ayesha, is it a big event?

Girl: No. Not really. Around 40 people.

Me: Ok. Can you pls text me your email address on my number so I can share the packages?

Girl: yea, I’ll just do that. Can you please email me at your earliest? Need to finalize by day end today.

Me: No problem. Will email within the next hour.

Girl: Thanks.

2 hours later. Another phone call.

Me: Hello?

Girl: Hi Kanwal, This is Ayesha. I spoke to you earlier today?

Me: Yes ayesha. I emailed you the packages.

Girl: Yea, thanks I got them. I was wondering if you can bring the cost down?

Me: What package are you interested in?

Girl: The first one.

Me: Hmm. Have you taken care of all the other details?

Girl: What details?

Me: Who’s designed your dress?

Girl: I got a dress from Sania Maskatiya.

Me: ok. And where are you getting your make up done from?

Girl: Bina Khan.

Me: Ok. I am assuming the event is catered. Who’s doing the catering?

Girl: United caterers.

Me: Ok. So, you are willing to spend on everything except photography knowing that photographs are probably theonly thing that will remain for times to come. The dress might not fit you 10 years down the lane or be out of fashion. The make up will be washed away after a few hours. The food will be gone once digested. Your relatives and friends will only remember you through photographs that will be either shared with them or used as facebook profile pictures. I think photographs is the only thing you need to invest in. Its your call. I am sorry I wont be able to bring the cost down.

Girl: You know photographs are taken by relatives and everyone is clicking with their cellphones.

Me: Well, why exactly did you need me then?>

Girl: Because I love your work.

Me: Thank you for liking my work. But really, there is a lot of work that goes into my work. You need to decide whether you want to pay that price or not.

Girl: Ok. I would like to go with the second package. Where should I drop the advance payment.

Really, sometimes I wish that clients would understand that there is a whole lot more to photography than taking selfies!


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