Birthdays take a new meaning

Birthday’s today have taken on a new meaning altogether. Since my time, when a lavish birthday meant having a Rafi Peer puppet show and a few good games, today its more about the decor and the size of the jumping castle. Of course, food needs to be  goodlooking with bearable taste. Needless to say, the jumping castle and the trampoline do make sure that the kids have a grand time.

A few months ago, I was asked to cover a very interesting birthday party for a 7 year old who loves cooking. The entire birthday was held in a chefs kitchen where the kids were supposed to cook and bake their own goodies. I was so excited to hear about it, it almost felt like my own birthday….

 There was a personalized recipe book….


And some learning to do….


Some experiments to take care off….


Some tastings to be done…


And finally some crooked cupcakes to be cut and enjoyed…


Needless, to say the kids had a fantastic time cooking and I had a fantastic time clicking…



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