10 years, really?

I have always been a collector of moments. I love jotting down words & moments that I keep safe and forget about till much later. And later, when I do find them its a joy reliving those moments again. I hate deleting texts and emails and whatsapp conversations. When I am feeling down I love to go back to them and reread the ones that pull me out. Basically, I am a sucker for this mushy stuff. Yeah, I admit.

So this year marks 10 years of me blogging. Even I am amazed at myself. Its been a wonderful journey. I have learnt many life lessons, some of which I remind myself by going back to them. I have made friends, who have stuck with me through, the good writing and the bad. And I have changed three blog accounts. But basically this is where I started. And then there has been no looking back. I know my writing probably hasn’t changed anyone’s life. But it certainly has helped me clear up my path and helped me move forward. I do hope, though that you have enjoyed reading and will stay with me for the writings that are on the way!




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