In grade 6, one fine day in the middle of the term my parents were called by the head mistress.

“Kanwal is a very bright student, but the only problem that we have with her is that shes very very talkative and disturbs the class. We dont know what to do.”

The problem was solved by making me sit next to this new girl who had a smiley face was was extremely quiet.

End of the term, my parents we again called. This time to tell them that the most quietest girl was one of the most talkative girls in class now 🙂

Since then, there has been no looking back. Through thick and thin and very thick and very thin we have been through alot. Not talking because I didnt approve of her boy friend, arguing because she was giving more attention to this other girl, taking stuff and never returning it. Our relationship has almost been like that of a husband and wife. Some years ago, we would only talk twice a year. she didnt have whatsapp and I didnt have time. But thankfully we have progressed in life.

This year we celebrate 25 years of friendship and loads more to follow, Inshallah. Thank you for standing by me through my tantrums and all the times when I gave you attitude because there was no one else I could give it to!




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