The housegirl theory

Zoey has always been a homebody. She likes playing by herself. She loves doing arts and now crafts. She can spend hours doing what she enjoys. The idea of stepping out of the house, just dosent sit well with her. Whether its going to the club or to the mall, it takes a lot of energy to convince her that we NEED to step out.

Needless to say, every morning while we are in the firefighter mode, one question that needs to be answered over and over again is why is there a need to go to school. Yesterday, on the way back from school, while Noor was asleep at home me and Zoey got a chance to have a proper conversation after a long time.

Zoey: Mama, I dont want to go to Omar uncle’s classes anymore.

Me: Zoey jaan, why do we have to have this discussion everyday? You dont want to go to Omar uncle, then you say you dont want to go to Faadia Aunty and then also you dont want to go to school  janoo? What will you do in life?

Zoey, in a very dreamy manner: I want to be a housegirl! Please!

Me: House girl? What is a housegirl?

Zoey: You know like nano is a housewife, I want to be a housegirl. Be at home. And not do anything!




3 thoughts on “The housegirl theory

  1. She seems like a pretty sensitive girl. Sometimes people (especially kids) with heightened sensitivities can become overwhelmed in public spaces because they can feel other peoples energies (if that makes sense). There’s just too much stimulation to deal with.

  2. Don’t think nano would be too pleased to be thought of as not doing anything all day!! But I agree with the sentiment (sometimes) haii.

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