Valentines day

7 years and some months ago, when we got married, I remember thinking to myself how lovely, different and wonderful the next valentines would be. And it was. We dined extravagantly. We spent a good mind on gifts. We both went out of the way to make the other person feel special. And by day end, it felt like the best day ever. What hubby did was all over the internet. We were the talk of town.

1934091_12333850459_8529_nAnd then the following valentines, I was on bed rest not knowing that I would become a mommy unexpectedly earlier than expected. I felt helpless lying there. Not knowing what to do. When creativity hit me. And boom, came a gift that hubby loved and enjoyed.


Post that valentines, due to commitments and shortage of time, we stuck to boring and mundane gifts. But a gift had to be involved, nonetheless.

This year, however, we celebrated valentine a day earlier. After putting the kids to bed, we went to roam around the mall, buy pending birthday gifts and indulge in some intense hot chocolate. Hubster got me a kurta that I liked and our valentine date is to go and watch Roy, all for the love of Arjun Rampal.




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