Rediscover K land

I dont believe in resolutions. Simply for because they don’t last for more than 12 hours. Not even a day. Of course, I am just talking for myself here. But I did vouch that this year I am going to try new things, go new places, meet new people and plunge into the newness. And that’s why I hopped onto Super Karachi Express. There was no other way I could ride on top of a X8 bus and explore the streets of Saddar. Being a die hard Karachite, I always believed that I knew all that the city has to. But I was proven wrong. Super Karachi Express is one of the best ways to spend a Sunday morning. You get to rediscover your city, go to places that you might not be allowed in otherwise, meet great people and find out why Zaib Un Nisa street got its name. And of course, you get to ride on top of a public bus. So, all people, adventurous and non adventurous, hop on to this exciting tour and fall in love all over again with Karachi.

Ps: Super Karachi Express is not paying me for this blog, just clarifying!






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