Going the hyderabadi way in Badar commercial

The year has just started and I have already done two new things Pat on my back. One of them is the food journalism workshop 101, which I will blog about later. But for now, lets say that as a part of the workshop I had to go and review Z’apa.

I was disappointed. While others were given fun restaurants like TGIF and Verde, I didn’t want to go to photograph and review bhagaray baingan and achari bhindi! But I was going to be professional about this. So, come dinnertime, I picked up my camera and a checklist and headed to the restaurant.

Z’apa, a restaurant that offers recipes and signature dishes by Zubaida Tariq, is cozily tucked in the Badar Commercial area. Zubaida apa, who really needs no introduction, is a celebrated chef and has more than 5000 live cooking shows to her credit and is also famous for sharing herbal remedies.

As I entered the restaurant with a heavy heart, I was greeted by a smiling waiter, empty tables and an aroma that transported me back to my childhood. My heart almost sank. But luckily, I was saved. The waiter led me to the downstairs sitting area that was buzzing with people and yummy spicy smell.

My partner for this workshop was already seated and by the looks of it thoroughly enjoying the food that she had been served. I missed the tarkay walay dahi baray, but the rest of the food that I indulged in took me back into time. The time when I used to come back from school and rush to the kitchen because that’s where my grandmother was found. We were served piping hot Aalo kari pattay ki sabzi that was a perfect combination of tangy and spicy aloos and masla. The Afghani chicken karahi,  a speciality that made my tastebuds happily tingle with the sharp taste of masala and the green chillies. (Definately not recommended for the faint hearted). To compliment this food, I really didn’t want a soda. The huge poster with the green drink, which wasn’t Pakola seemed tempting.

The mint lemonade was just the right drink to go with the food. Not too minty and not too zesty, the drink, though looked watered down but was the taste that hit home. We finished our dinner with daal ka halwa, which was crumbly and melted in the mouth. The perfect comfort food to close the day.

I came home a happy camper. Z’apa is a restaurant that has been added to my list of go to places when I want home cooked food, away from home. Budget friendly and a pleasant environment, the restaurant has something to cater to all age groups.



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