The past few days have been so self consuming that I barely paid attention to anything that surrounds me. I was drowned in self pity, thinking ideas to make things work out and thinking of Plan B. I was sure there is no greater grief than what I was feeling and going through. Till today.

I feel so ashamed of what I was going through in the past because really, what happened in Peshawar today is what grief is described as. I feel so hollow and empty right now. And sad. My heart sinks thinking about the parents who never got a chance to receive their kids back home today. Really, is this what humanity has come down to? We talk about Naya Pakistan….but for whom? The kids who deserve the change are the kids who have left this world unexpectedly.

So, here is a silent prayer for all the parents who lost their kids, for those souls to find peace. And above all for myself to stop indulging in self pity and be thankful to Allah for all the things that matter.


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