Being married added more titles to my being. I was a biwi. A chachi. A bhabhi and so much more. Then a few years down the lane, I was given the title of a mother. And life was going smoothly. It still is. Except that the definition of smooth has been altered. And this I realized on my recent trip to my beloved Thailand.

On my last trip there, I was 5 and a half months pregnant with the first baby. It was our babymoon. Me and hubs would stroll the malls, stop at random theelas to eat, watch movies back to back just because they were playing in IMAX, come to the hotel and crash till next afternoon. Life was at a pace I would call slow-ish.

And then a few years later, we again decided to visit Thailand, this time with two kids in tow. I would say three, because hubs is the kid I have been handed over by my mom in law. After packing the sterilizer, the nebulizer, the entire medicine cabinet, kids blankets and then some more, we were ready to take off, for a trip that was at a pace that I cant define.

Two kids is a completely different story. In a good way, of course. Especially when both the kids are poles apart. When one is howling to be in the pool and the other is howling to be lying in the cosy comfort of the bed. We, as a family had a great time. But me as a wife, didnt. Throughout the trip I barely got a chance to talk to hubs, to discuss life and to say out loud the dreams that needed verbalisation. This trip was all about taking turns to babysit kids so one partner could go and get a massage.

However, on the last night there, we managed to have a date evening. Hubs got a tub of Baskin Robbins Jamoca Almond Fudge, my favourite. And we sat in the bathroom (so not to wake the kids up) and indulged. Me in the comfort of the ice cream and hubs with his cigarettes. For those few moments we discussed all that had to be discussed including whose turn it was to baby sit that evening 🙂  Our trips to Thailand have a new meaning everytime. This trip was just meant to show us that vacations or no vacations, life is in the fast lane when kids are involved. And I wouldnt really want it any other way!


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