Potty training… the joy

So, when you have 2 kids, the first automatically sets a precedent for the rest to follow. Atleast, that was the case in my little family. Zoey, was the eldest grandchild from both sides of the family, in town. The grandparents were also younger and more energetic at that time. Which meant that madame was given endless attention and affection and I was given endless free advice. Being a first time mom, that too of a preemie, I  listened over attentively to everything. Thank God I did. Because Zoey, was potty trained at 10 months. Every morning, we would stumble out of bed, pick up our green turtle potty and sit amongst the family in the lounge and do our business. 

That was the beginning to our day. After that the green turtle was our best travel buddy. If it had a passport, we would be needing more pages to get stamped by now.

And then we moved on in life. And along came Noor. And a potty seat on the baby shower. 

Keeping history in mind, the potty seat came out of storage when Noor turned 8 months old. Having over sensitive skin and rash issues, I couldnt wait till Noor was potty trained. So, one fine sunday, when there is no help in house, Noor was ready to have a go. As if on a mission, I quickly ran to get the seat and plonk Noor on it. Being in phopoo’s room meant enough distractions to keep her busy while she was doing her business.

As life has it, that was the exact same time when Zoey also needed snack. So, the efficient mama plonked a baby on the seat, told phopoo to keep and eye and ran down to get snack for a whiny child, feeling very accomplished. But only for 18 seconds. After which a shrilling voice called out to me. I ran up with all sorts of crazy thoughts crossing my mind, to a room where it seemed like a cracker had gone off.

From the tid bits I hear, apparently, once Noor had decided that she was done with her business, she crawled off the potty, taking the seat with her. and creating a mess all over the carpet, toys and of course herself. Proud of her achievement, she decided to celebrate by sitting admist the mess and clap. It was an achievement for her. And then for me. Cleaning up, feeding, keeping Zoey busy and going strong till the kids hit the bed a few hundred hours later.

Motherhood, the joys of it!



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