6 months today

6 months ago, today, I was a bundle of emotions…my body was pierced with needles almost 12 times, I was happy to meet a goodlooking anestheologist, but was upset when the local anesthesia didnt work for the third time. I was shit scared lying there in the operation theatre, but I was so excited to be awake during the c section. I cant explain in words what a yoyo of emotions I was. I dared to look at the reflection in the theatre lights, and almost fainted when I saw myself being cut open. I was dying to meet my new love, and also scared that I might literally die and not be able to meet her ever. I could feel my palpation going high when my doctor shouted that the chord was around her neck. And the breathing stopped when the baby was out but there was no cry.

5 seconds later, the entire thearte echoed with the shrilling cry. At that moment I knew our lives had changed forever again. The first time I saw Noor, I knew I was in love again. All the pain, the reflection in the lights, the loud cry was forgotten about. I was so badly struck, I even didnt remember the words of Ayat ul Kursi. It was like being high. The rest is history.

Lets just say that Noor has made sure there is light even in the wee hours of the morning. Its been 6 months, since this loud, headstrong and cuddly madame joined our family…..its been a pleasure and a half mashallah. Heres to hoping and praying that the ride will only get better hereon!


Ps: Keep the prayers rolling!



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